Their intention was to make GPUs a luxury and they succeeded

Well, there is no good news anymore because, not like before most of the work load is handled by GPU than a CPU i mean, yes there’s still stuff such as physics and running the operating system, browsing a website or watching a movie, it’s still CPU handling them but, for modern emulation such as Nintendo Switch, Wii U and of course native gaming is heavily relied on a GPU It wasn’t a luxury item before, i almost purchased an RX 580 for about $170 ish and i even remember making a thread about it but, right now, u need to get it for around $500 bucks and if u wanna upgrade to a new GPU you 'd need to put aside more than a thousand bucks !!! but why ? supply issue ? yes of course but that’s one of the many reasons it was intentionally planned to make GPUs more expensive, and it was also intentional to makke people get used to the new prices and, for what i see, it’s not temporary, it’s not anyone who tells u that it is transitory that is complete bullshit because it’s not, they wanna make a GPU a luxury item so not everyone can afford them at will they want you to purchase a GPU at above 2k and not just for 3 to $500 bucks which was a price for a high end GPU I mean i don’t know what is the purpose or final intention for that but, what i’m saying is this is not something that goes away i mean yes the prices would definitely get stable within 2 years but not at the number you used to see them. you’ll still have to save up few months of your work to afford one and if ur living in a third world country, then, i feel sorry for u cause your wage won’t allow you to even get a mid range one. so, that’s what i call a new normal, what you see as an MSRP price is or will be a, some kinda fantasy there is no $500 MSRP anymore if u want a GPU in near future u have to work out to your teeths This is the new normal that their intentionally talking about, this is what u will see from now on They say it’s transitory ? my ass is transitory because it’s not And that is why they’re pushing the so called Cloud Gaming because that will be intended for the middle and poor class who can only see the color of a GPU’s box i mean, even for that u still need to afford a high speed bandwidth which differs in every country Buying a GPU to play with RT on ? well, $2000 bucks please !!!

PC gaming is going to die if this keeps going. Most PC gamers still use old cards like the 1060 before the prices got grazy. but for how long will such card going to keep up? Its already at very low end of 1080p gaming. Even a GTX 1080 isnt going to be very competitive with consoles soon enough.

This is what they want And if u look around every major company is pushing cloud gaming but why ? Cause this has been all planned They intentionally want PCs to be below average in power consumption and processing But why ? I 'm not sure, have some clues though

whats your source? are you sure prices are not just up for the holidays? do you have proof of these trends youre talking about?

Prices have been up since a year ago at least. Reason being crypto miners and scalpers getting all stocks. Or at least that’s the word.

But it is a bit curious how this thing benefits cloud/streaming a lot. Google could not ask for anything more to make Stadia a success eventually. Its also curious how it lasts for so long and how even consoles are affected, even though these can’t be used for crypto.

Ok who created a short supply so the scalpers can rule the prices at the first place ? This is something to start

APUs will probably become the norm for PC gaming.

No no no i’m King Omid i’m not gonna play with medium to low setting with an APU Everything should be high to Ultra with at least 30 FPS however i still don’t care about Ray Tracing at the moment maybe in near future so the GPUs would be more capable Of course if i don’t have to purchase a GPU with 10k with these prices