There's problem to run retroarch in wayland... again

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS , it works in x11 but not in wayland

Do you need it to run in wayland specifically? Does your setup have any issues with x11?

Apologies if that question seems ignorant, I’m on arch, with a nvidia card, so my system would be a tad different from something like a long-term-support release of Ubuntu.

I don’t mean to be rude here, but I have to ask… Why are you trying to run retroarch through a bleeding-edge display protocol on a legacy-support operating system.

Ubuntu a couple of versions ago comes with Wayland enabled by default.
The problem is, I imagine, that if a novice Ubuntu user installs RetroArch, he will most likely have Wayland, unless he has Nvidia and has installed the driver.

Wayland is an interesting technology but still needs a lot of work. Nvidia has not supported it (and if they don’t, maybe Wayland will disappear). It only works with opensource drivers that are not good enough to run graphics demanding applications.
Unless you have a particular need to use it, it is advisable to opt for X11.