Threaded Video enabled - any disadvantages?


Hi, I have RetroArch installed on my Linx Vision Gaming tablet, it runs Windows 10 and has an Intel Atom x5-Z8300 with 2 GB RAM. RetroArch is installed on a 128GB Micro SD Card.

I was wondering if there are any disadvantages to enabling threaded video? The most obvious one is that I can’t use shaders, and I would assume rewind etc. and some timing related stuff? But I wondered if there are any emulation related issues or glitches I might encounter?

I had Threaded Video enabled and noticed some stuttering with audio; just the odd glitch, but found it annoying, and even a huge pause (the game locked up for a couple of seconds), noticeable when playing Batman Returns on Sega CD using Genesis Plus GX.

The frame rate appears to hold a solid 60fps (but the audio stuttering is so slight that if it was a frame drop/performance issue I probably wouldn’t notice it in the video). I messed about with some audio settings (drivers, latency etc) and disabled shaders etc. to try to improve things, but even on very low-end emulators I was experiencing the occassional stutter; it felt like some sort of timing issue?

I also noticed the Estimated Screen Rate (under Video) would sometimes fluctuate quite a lot when nothing was really going on (from 59.40 etc down to 6). I assumed it was something to do with the tablet saving battery life and after messing about with some of the tablet’s performance settings and Intel graphics settings I realised it made no difference.

But when I enabled Threaded Video all the issues disappeared. So it’s a great fix (although I do miss shaders).


Threaded video is fine, it just makes the video less smooth (for example, scrolling). You should still be able to use shaders with it, but if you try to load a shader that’s too demanding, it’ll do a weird frameskipping thing without making the game any slower.


Thanks, I hadn’t noticed any scrolling issues, but I’ll keep an eye out. Although I think I have encountered this when using the Android version.

When Threaded Video is enabled if I try to load a shader as I navigate to it, they are viewed as folders, so no shader file to load. I tried looking in all folders (cg, glsl and slang).

When Threaded Video is disabled it depends on the video driver I’m using; so GL will work load GLSL shaders, and when using Direct X 10, I can only load the slang shaders.

I wonder if this is device/graphics card specific?