Three same controllers one port?

Hello, i have three of the same controller, but shouldn’t they be listed under different ports in the settings?

The problem lies with retroarch I think. What can I do?

you can try using different gamepad drivers in settings > driver.

Do additional controller connection notifications show up as you connect the additional pads?

Setting drivers in retroarch? (its an andoid device)

On my Windows pc retroarch showing up every gamepad and port when i connect it. On the android device (which im trying to configure) not.

I also tried only two gamepads with the two usb-ports on my shield. - still the same - rocognized as one gamepad

ah, yes, there’s only one gamepad driver on Android. However, I may know what’s up: there’s an Android-specific setting that assumes every identical controller that connects is the same controller. This is to work around the fact that there’s no way to tell when a pad goes to sleep (or otherwise disconnects but comes back) that it’s the same pad when it reconnects.

If you disable that setting, it should treat them as different pads again, but you’ll have to deal with them reconnecting as different pads if they go to sleep.

Oh, ok, where do i find that option, in developer options? Do you know the title of that option?

it’s in RetroArch’s menus, in settings > input somewhere. I don’t recall what it’s actually called, but look for “android” and “workaround”. There are a few options like that, but it should be pretty clear once you find it.

It doesnt work. why the gamepad test app detects all pads in different ports and retroarch do not? thats strange.

Can you show me a screenshot of what you changed that didn’t work?

I also tried the 32bit versio, the “retroarch.apk” and the two retroach version from the playstore.

Did you close and then reopen RetroArch after changing that setting? Certain settings need a full teardown/reinit before they can take effect.

Yes i did. A 8BitDo controller together with the retrobit controllers is recognized. But four of the retrobit controllers does not work.

Hmm, weird. I’m out of ideas, then :confused:

i got it now. i dont really know whats the reason was, but here is what i did.

1 flashing back to stock firmware 8.2.2

2 create a folder in the retroarch-folder named “autoconfig” and tell retroarch to save the controller configs there

3 update all things in the online updater

im pretty sure i did 2 and 3 before, but i would start with that things first, when something went wrong like in my case

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