Thumbnail / Box art collections and completion

I’ve been for a while trying to complete and experiment with thumbnails. My emulator station on a raspberry pi just feels bland and incomplete without thumbnails which is why I get a little OCD about it.

Across what I have seen in both Retroarch and Retropie is a vast amount of thumbnails from different regions, thumbnail sizes and box art. Its been a huge task when trying to cover multiple systems. Some I found online have cartridges, game flyers , alternative cover art and back covers as a alternative to title screen shots.

Some of the problems I had were missing thumbnails, poor thumbnail quality and some mismatched thumbnails. Some of the systems such as Atomiswave are not even there on the libretro thumbnail database. The worst offender of sets are when dealing with Arcades (MAME, Neo Geo, CPS, Final Burn Neo), for those I had to manually do them myself most of the time. Some of the problems was caused by dats and the ROMs, No-Intro ROMs are recommend but its not always easy to find a pure no-intro set.

Most of the time I have to manually scan my roms as well which then ends up with me having to make a separate image for them. For those who had to manually scan arcade roms might know what I’m talking about. You end up with a bunch of entries such as “kof99”, “wakuwak7” and images to match those playlist entries.

For my collection I do also get boxarts for rom hacks, rom translation hacks and unlicensed games as well.

I’ve come across some sources for others wanting to complete thumbnails/ boxarts.

Needs looking into

Sometimes when I experiment with the Named_Title box arts using video game flyers, back covers, alternative covers, fan made covers, cartridges/ disc images, another game screenshot and even fan art.

Tip 1: if you do a regular scan and then a manual scan to add any missing roms your playlist will not have a double of what was added to the playlist. so that way you don’t need to make an entire manual scan image set. At least for whatever was added in from being matched up to the database (dat file)

Does anyone have any tips or sources to add.


To avoid that, use the manual scan and use the “Arcade DAT File / Filter”. options. If loading the "MAME 0.XXX (Arcade).dat" you will have only arcade games on your list and exclude calculators and other things. Although this list is not 100% accurate, it works well.

You can download the “Snaps” of MAME and configure in the .cfg file, worse the truth I have never been able to do it.

(For a long time I have in mind to make special quality catches and covers for RA, but I am an exclave of time. :confused: )

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