Thumbnails not showing on Retroarch Xbox Series S

Hi, I’m trying to add Retroarch Thumbnails to my Xbox Series S. Specifically, Box Art. I changed “Thumbnails” directory to D:/Windows Apps/etc…I also have Games, Playlists, and System. Folders. On my D: Drive. Changed Directories.

I’m connected on my PC. I created a Network Location. On Windows. Now I can see my Series S. Over Wifi.

I downloaded libretro-thumbnails Packs. From Github. Extracted and copied to “Thumbnails.” On my Series S. Over Wifi.

After checking, I don’t have any Thumbnails. (Box art.) While browsing Games.

  1. All Thumbnails are named exactly like the Games.
  2. I ran the Online Updater. And restarted. Many times.

So why don’t the copied Thumbnails show up in RetroArch?

Next, I tried “Adding Content.” In the Menu. Scanned for Playlists. Most showed up. A few stick at 0%. I’ll fix those later. The Systems show up in the left Menu Bar. That’s nice. I have .lpl files in my Playlists Folder. (Drive D:/WindowsApps/etc…) Thumbnails still don’t work.

*I’m continuing this Topic in a new message. I ran out of room…

Finally, I watched a Video on Youtube. On Playlists and Thumbnails. I installed Retroarch on my PC. Copied Playlists from Series S to Desktop. Wifi. Windows 11 Retroarch. From my Series S. To my PC. They show up in the left menu. Nice. Then, I followed the Video and Copied my Thumbnails. To my PC. Retroarch folders. Correct.

I was told to hit F5 in Retroarch. It brings up a new window on my PC. Then I can scan the Playlists. And it finds almost all Thumbnails. Named_Boxart, Named_Titles etc… The Art shows up on Retroarch. Almost all.

Then I tried copying the Thumbnails and Playlists. Back to my Series S. Wifi. Still no Box Art. It’s in the correct Folder. Thumbnails. Correct Directory. Named the same as the Roms. So how do I add Thumbnails? I’m searching YouTube. For Videos… Please reply. Thanks