Thumbnails on computer playlists


Is it possible to make the thumbnails database less fussy when it comes to match filenames with the thumbnail database?

I ask this because while on consoles it works great, on the Commodore Amiga, WHDload sets don’t have clean filenames (they usually have the version at the end), so I never get correspondence. Samer happens with the ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC databases.

Another alternative could be to google the cover art if there isn’t a match on the database.

There is a big black hole in the playlist names and it has no scrapers support. It’s a hard work, if someone is encouraged to make all the thumbnails and covers of some system, the collaboration will be welcome.

The best solution in these cases is, before changing the names of the thumbnails and covers manually one by one, it is better to activate the desktop and drag the images to the corresponding box.