Tiger Gamecom on android (Key Mapping and Catridge Loading)


Hi, I tried to launch some Tiger Game.com on android. i used MAME core and set all bios, Loaded roms. There is game.com boot menu, i’ve heard that i have to select or click ‘catridge menu’ on screen, but gamepad button didn’t work(except analog stick, both on screen overlay gamepad and physical gamepad). I already tried to use ‘use mouse in game’ option for mame core, mouse touch emulation so badly works(there is weird ‘ghost click’, i don’t know the words which can explain this exactly, sorry)

I made it once to click catridge menu and loaded game but also button doesn’t work.

How can i get proper contol for game.com on mame core? and is there any way to load not only booting screen but gamecom cartridge directly?

Please excuse me for my bad english!