Time Crisis Light Gun issue

Hello guys. Maybe you can help. I want to play Time Crisis via Retroarch. I have the AE Lightgun, which works great. I tried Duckstation and Beetle HW and Beetle standard. And I can move the cursor and shoot, but I cannot reload. So depending on the control method I have chosen in the Time Crisis option menu, I would be hidden behind a crate and I’d want to emerge from cover to actually shoot, but I cannot fully emerge from cover. My player will briefly move for a fraction of second and then go right back to cover. On the screen I see ‘press action button to shoot’ but I can’t truly leave my cover to shoot. When I change my reload option in-game, I’m always out of cover and here I can shoot but I cannot go into cover, nor can I reload. So I press one of the buttons, my player will seemingly move to go into cover but a fraction later, just reverts back to out of cover. In my input settings, I have mapped my trigger and reload button and confirm that I can shoot since it works when I calibrate in-game or when I select a menu. What could it be? Same result for all 3 cores.

Here is a video: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/_ygsIYqnLwY

what button do you have mapped to the action/reload button? Do you have “hotkey enable” mapped to anything?

Hi Hunterk

Not sure I follow completely. But I got to settings, then input, then port 1 controls and set ,my trigger and reload buttons by pressing enter and then the trigger and button on the gun. And then it says mouse 1 and 2. Please see the attached screenshot. Thanks for the help man.

Does it act any differently if you swap those? If you map any other retropad buttons to them and fire up the “remote retropad” core, does it show them holding properly? or do they just blink momentarily?

Also, for the record, in Time Crisis, you need to hold the button, right? and then when you release it, he ducks back under cover?

Yeah it’s a holding kinda thing. You can select your setup that you’re always out of cover or always in cover. So when I select the method in which I’m always out of cover, then I can definitely fire and kill but I can’t go into cover, so I can’t duck, meaning I can’t reload. Let me try later, dinner time now. :slight_smile:

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I swapped around trigger and reload buttons but same result. I’m not familiar with remote retropad core or retropad buttons. But your post did give me a vague idea. You are right that in Time Crisis I believe you hold the button and release. Since I mapped the reload button to a single button, this is probably why my guy doesn’t fully come out of cover or doesn’t fully go into cover. Feels like I’m onto something but can’t put my finger on it. Bottom line, still not sure what to do. :slight_smile: getting kinda late here, so will close for the night. Hopefully we can crack this tomorrow. :slight_smile:

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Hi Hunterk I fixed it. I decided not to map the reload button and see what that did. Now it’s working like it should. Makes sense in a way since TC never had a single reload button. You hid to reload.

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Ah, interesting. Well, I’m glad you got it going! and thanks for posting your solution.