Today is a sad day

I hope it is ok to leave this here:

FYI: Near was the autor of bsnes, higan, ares and many, many tools to help emulate different systems and to translate games.


I’ve known Near for a long time (~15 yrs), and we (libretro/RetroArch) owe a lot to them in many ways. We’re waiting for verification/confirmation and just hoping the bad news is incorrect/incomplete. In the meantime, we would like to respect their privacy.


Absolutely tragic to read, may those with any responsibility hang their heads in shame.


I’m still holding out that this is some kind of cruel joke. Near was a giant for SNES emulation; anyone who cares about the SNES. I will be eternally grateful to Near for MSU. Whenever I play Mega Man 7, X, X2, X3, and Rockman and Bass I always use MSU. If the news is true, it is truly a sad day.

If you need someone to talk to, please consider the national suicide hotline: 800-273-8255


That’s really bad if it’s true. Didn’t use his emu (didn’t care for much accuracy, used snes9x) but he was one of the most known figures in emulation. If all this is true, how can people like that treat other people like shit and nobody cares? Aren’t there some laws about this?

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Unfortunately it is true and this quote is from Hector Martin who knew Near:

I have spoken to the police department in charge of the investigation, and they have confirmed that Near passed away yesterday, June 27th 2021.

In respect of their privacy, I will not be seeking out any further information. Please don’t ask.

All we really can do now is to mourn him and remember him for one of the greatest minds who contributed with so much.


I started using bsnes around 2010 with v069 and have actively watched the project grow and egearly anticipating every new version. Too think that there never will be an official update fom him ever again is so heartbreaking.

All those years of being a lurker at byuu forums, watching the threads and discussions. Fitzroy, kakashi and byuu having discussions…never again.

bsnes, higan, ares they are now memories from a time gone by. They will of course live on but it will never be the same again.

I will forerver treasure my copy of higan for Libretro and I will forever treasure my copy of higan 106r52.

May you be in eternal peace you absolute legend, I salute you!

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Hi @RokkumanX
can you please edit your post and refer to them as “Near”.

From reddit:


Way way back, it was byuu forums and he was called byuu.

There never were a Near forum, those who was there back in the day only knew him as byuu back then as in past tense.

I know very well that in the end he wanted only to be known as Near, but changing my post is like changing history, history can’t be wiped away that easily.

I’m sorry but I’m feeling a bit sentimental about this, I have fond memories of that forum. Please respect that and let this be.

Hi, I haven’t been on here in a long time and I haven’t paid much attention to the emulation scene in a while. I never knew very much about emu stuff until I got in to the ps3 homebrew scene and came across Squarepusher (twinaphex at the time). He was doing some neat things with a program called SSNES. I had been playing around with learning how to use photoshop as a hobby, re-skinning other ps3 homebrew apps and he gave me a new opportunity to expand because of his work. Over time I was able to encounter and learn about other people in this scene such as TheMaister, byuu and others as a result. The work of those people and others like them are what really got me interested in things like this and got me to share that passion with friends who wouldn’t have known about emulation otherwise.

So basically I’m just trying to say thanks for all the contributions that have enriched the lives of others, including myself.



Rest in peace. I hate death.

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Ok so i tried his emulator in Retroarch, i could tell immediately some things/effects missing in other emulators like snes9x 2005 e.g. in Bahamut Lagoon and possibly in other games. Awesome piece of software

DariusG wrong post

Depression is very bad, I read how he was teased and bullied which he made sure no one could find him online it’s truly sad