TopGear games does not work on core bsnes

The Top Gear 3000 just appears on the home screen, and soon the screen goes dark and nothing happens.

I have that Firmware message missing from the Retroarch menu, but they are all there in the System folder.

hmm, seems okay here:

I’m using the core bsnes Would any configuration be wrong? The game started, but then nothing happens.

Dunno. I would think the missing firmware could be related. Are you sure the one you have is correct? you need both the data and program ROMs for bsnes.

The files I have

the way they are RetroArch\system\system

Inside Retroarch Core resources on

That looks right to me. But it says “not found” for dsp4 in your core info?

Here yes

Here we see that the game starts

As you can see, nothing happens after

oh, wait a sec: I just noticed your system dir is set to RetroArch/system/system. So, it’s looking for stuff in a ‘system’ directory inside your ‘system’ directory. So, try changing that to go to the top ‘system’ directory.

I did what I said

the same thing happens

Detail In Top Gear 2000, this appears

My core settings

Is your console region set to PAL? If so, you’ll need a PAL ROM. If you want to use an NTSC ROM, you’ll need to set the region to NTSC.

Updated the previous post with more information

Where do I make this change you say?

oh my mistake. I thought that core had the region as a core option, but I’m not seeing it on my end, either.

So, what about overclocking? Do you have that enabled?

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Yes, finally My problem was the CPU overcloking

Thanks for your time in helping

np, glad that got you fixed up!

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