Trackball / Dial Setup in MAME (current)

Input setup frustrations continue… now working on trackball and dial setup. I have gotten as far as setting input to RAW and my devices now show in Retroarch, and are working/moving the mouse in Windows, however if I select my dial (TurboTwist 2) in the mouse index in RA, it simply switches the device back to another one that I do not want and then the dial does not function in MAME. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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I’ve managed to get the trackball and spinner to work briefly, but I have to re-enter the input options and set them manually every time I start a game. So, I’ve narrowed it down to needing to get the devices to save on the mouse index for the dial and trackball games respectively, so that they don’t have to be set each time I launch a game. Help with this is greatly appreciated. I apologize for my lack of understanding of how this works. Thank you.

The issue is that there are multiple mouse input in the mouse index, including the Ultrastick because it has analog input, and it is always the default when a game is launched. I can’t find any way to save a different mouse index selection for the trackball and spinner games.

Ok, I have been reading over old posts scattered around the internet since yesterday and here is the solution, for anyone else who finds themselves with this problem.

You will need to go into RA>config>MAME.cfg and add this line -> input_player1_mouse_index = “3” (“3” is whatever number is assigned to your device of choice in the mouse index ((mouse index is in the settings>input>port menus.))) You might have to trial and error until you find the number of the device you want. It might be the exact number of the listing in the mouse index or it might be the listing -1, etc… just experiment then write it down.

Now… I haven’t got this far yet but we will have to duplicate these MAME.cfg files with just the line input_player1_mouse_index = “” and then name them after the MAME game name if we want to use a trackball and spinner, as the trackball and spinner have different numbers assigned in the mouse index. So, for instance, for Crystal Castles (a trackball game) I will have a file named ccastles.cfg, with that line and the number 2 in the quotes (your number will probably be different). For Tempest, I will have a tempest.cfg with a 3 (for the spinner) in the quotes. These files all stay in the same directory as MAME.cfg. This will be time consuming because you will have to identify the games and create named .cfg files for each trackball and spinner game.

If there is an easier way to do this, please let me know.

If anyone from RA happens to read this I would like to humbly request a way to do this in the input menu… for example select your mouse index device and click “save per game”… or something like that. It would really help a lot of confused people.

I hope this info is helpful. Thanks for your patience with me as I tried to solve this one.

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Ok, I’ve created my .cfg files and tested a few games… I believe the arcade is officially open. :grin: