Trackball Mouse on Windows version of Retroarch

I have been reading through the forum looking for answers on the Mouse / Trackball support for Windows and all of the solutions I have seen have been for the Linux / Raspberry Pi version. I did a few tests with the trackball and mouse and learned that the Linux / Raspberry Pi version does pickup these devices and they can be assigned. For the Windows version it’s a different story.

In the Windows version of RetroArch, I find that the mouse and trackball works as a native mouse for X & Y movement but it not recognized in RetroArch as a controller at all. It looks like it seems all mice as “system” and to be disabled to not interfere with game play. I look in Device Manager (Windows) and I see each device listed and enumerated as well. Has anyone gotten a trackball to work in the Windows version of RetroArch?

Any assistance, info, etc… would be deeply appreciated. Jim

IIRC, you can try switching to the “raw” input driver, which should allow multiple mice to be enumerated.

Definitely worked. Still sorting through the input drivers. When “dinput” is selected it only allows for one mouse and ignores all other devices. Still sorting through the rest of the games. Thanks for the tip and I’ll post an update of settings for anyone else having similar issues with mouse / trackball support.

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