Translationing RetroArch


Hi everyone, I use RA everyday and mostly every platform( pc, switch, 3ds, psc) and I recommend everyone I know, recently I wanted to translate my native language which is not translated before. I did some research and find few things but it wasn’t clear for me, those posts says that it can be done with GitHub. So I followed this steps;

And you can find my translations in here > msg_hash_tr.c && msg_hash_tr.h

So my questions are, how can I see my translations live, I mean anychance I see how its fitted into RA menu and what should I do when I done translation whole text? I use GitHub Desktop and SublimeText for editing. I am really new for GitHub so every suggestions, tips and tricks would be great!

OS: Windows 10


To see them actually applied, you would need to be able to compile RetroArch with those translated files in place.


Not sure how to do that:)


I keep translate files and when I done I will ask for mods I hope they can help:)