Trouble Installing Lakka on Mac Mini mid 2011 (A1347)

HI all, hopefully someone a bit more familiar with Macs can assist me here.

I’ve been trying to install Lakka on an old Mac Mini (mid-2011 model) from a bootable USB but I’m not having any luck getting it to boot into the USB. I’ve tried both with the 64-bit and 32-bit generic images flashed with Rufus and Etcher. The Mac boot menu will see the USB and list it as “EFI Boot” but as soon as I click it to boot, the interface freezes with no further information.

If I use reFIND, it lists two different boot options:

The first being Boot Fallback boot loader from LAKKA which hangs after displaying "Starting bootx64.efi, Using load options ’ ’ "

The second Boot Linux (Legacy) from LAKKA which just displays “No bootable devices – insert boot disk and press any key”

Am I just missing something obvious? I thought it would be a nice reuse of an older piece of tech but I’m just not having much luck with it.

Thanks in advance.

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While I didn’t solve the USB boot issue, I took a different approach and loaded the USB on a different machine (old laptop) with a blank SSD in, booted into the USB, then installed Lakka to the SSD. Took the SSD out and stuck it in the Mac Mini and now I get two options on the boot menu “Windows” and “EFI Boot”. If I select Windows, it boots into Lakka successfully.

I’ll solve the boot order issue at some point, but at least I can test out to see if works alright now!

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