Trouble using a physical Mouse in PUAE (RetroArch on Xbox)

Hello Retroarch Community,

I am new here in the forum and hope that the topic is in the right place.

I have installed RetroArch on my Xbox Series X in dev mode, and everything is running great so far.

Now I would like to play some Amiga games under PUAE with a physical mouse and not with the gamepad. Unfortunately I can’t do that.

My mouse is recognized in the Xbox menu and I can control the menus with it. But now I don’t know what I have to do to make my mouse work in RetroArch or PUAE.

Is there somewhere a step by step guide or a tutorial that explains this? Or can someone give me a hint directly what I have to do?

Thanks in advance!

It should be completely automatic, like it is with all other platforms. Something up with the platform driver then if it is not delivering mouse data like it should, and nothing to be done with the core. Unless you have disabled the core option for physical mouse, which is enabled by default.

Thank you very much for your fast reply.

The PUAE core option for “Physical Mouse” is ON. However it says, that it requires “raw/udev input driver” und “proper index per port”.

So I think, you are right about the driver, but how can I solve this problem?

I just had a look at the Settings->Drivers->Input of RetroArch, and the only two available are “uwp” and “xinput”. No raw or udev. Could this be the problem, or am I looking in the wrong place?

The driver and index requirement only applies to double mouse mode, like the sublabel says. Without raw or udev you simply can’t play 2 player mouse games with real mice. Zero hassle with regular single mouse usage.

'Double' requirements: raw/udev input driver and proper mouse index per port.

There should be no “xinput” in input drivers, only in controller drivers. Input drivers apply to keyboard and mice. The drivers need fixing if they don’t work without tinkering. Also make sure the global input settings port 1 mouse index is set to default.

Before making it work in PUAE, it should work correctly in the RetroArch interface.

I don’t know the system, but I did some reading on the internet.
Do you have this enabled?
Setting » User interface

Indeed that menu setting is irrelevant to the core. I have that off, and core mouse still works fine. It is also enabled by default, and the poster said:

My mouse is recognized in the Xbox menu and I can control the menus with it. But now I don’t know what I have to do to make my mouse work in RetroArch or PUAE.

So if both RA and core do not work, the mouse part in the input driver is not connected properly.

Hello everyone and thanks again for your suggestions and explanations.

I think that the problem is exactly what sonninnos describes. I have now tested three different mice (to rule out that the error is there). All work in the Xbox menu, but none under Retroarch. By the way: My Logitech Keyboard works fine, also under RetroArch.

So now the question remains, how to fix it? But I will do a reinstall soon anyway, and maybe it will work then… I will keep you guys updated.

The ones to activate the mouse, is just a suggestion, that I have seen in some sites.
Another suggestion can be to change the mouse driver. It happened to me once that it did not recognize the gamepad and when I changed the driver, it worked.

Hello alexb3d,

before I do a reinstall, could you please explain, how to change the mouse driver?

As I said in my second post here, I already looked under “Settings” -> “Drivers” -> “Input”. And the only options I see there are “uwp” and “xinput” and both do not help with my mouse.

Is this the right menu to change the driver?

And as a second question: Shouldn’t there be more than just two (“uwp” and “xinput”) drivers to choose from, like “raw” or “udev”? Or is this normal on Xbox?

Once again, many thanks for all you help!

Some updates:

first I did a reinstall of RetroArch. Didn’t work. Then I installed older versions of RA (from 1.12 to 1.14). Same result. I even did a complete factory reset of my Xbox and a clean reinstall of RetroArch 1.15. No working mouse under RA.

At that point I thought, that it still might be an hardware/driver incompatibility. So I tested 3 different Mice, Roccat KONE Pro Air, Logitech M330 (both wireless) and a Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury (which uses a USB-cable connection). They all work under dev mode UI, but not anymore under RA.

I’ll have to wait until next week to get my hands on a Bluetooth receiver/dongle, to see if this works… :face_with_head_bandage:

Hello everyone,

today I tested 2 other Mice (one Bluetooth and one with a cable) but again, no mouse pointer control under Retroarch or PUAE.

To sum up things: I did a complete reset of my Xbox Series X, installed different versions of RA (1.9, 1.12, 1.14 and 1.15) and I tested 5 different mice (USB-cable, USB-Bluetooth-receiver or other USB-wireless-receiver). No working mouse control at all under RA or PUAE.

So I think, that mouse control currently does not work with RA on an Xbox Series X with it’s latest software.

Or does someone sucessfully use a mouse on an Xbox?

Lo que he leido, la mayoría en reddit, es que XBox no tiene soporte de mouse. Que si activas el mouse y el Touch, funciona. Lamentablemente no se más, esperemos a alguien con conocimientos o crea un error en github, si es un problema técnico, tal vez consigas mejor ayuda.