Trying to enter cheats for Playstation Beetle PSX HW (Help!)

I’m new to entering cheats and am trying to enter cheats for Playstation Beetle HW core. The game is Chrono Cross. I’m trying to enter this gameshark code:

#Have All Weapons and Gear

5000FE02 0001

800712E0 0001

It lets me enter the first line of code but I can’t indent to a second line. If I hit enter it just saves the first line of code. So how to I space down so I can enter the second line of code? Or am I doing this all wrong?

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sometimes the codes may be for the incorrect reigon or version. IE Resident Evil codes for the Japanese version may not work on the US or Europe version. Resident Evil codes on Resident Evil Directors cut edition. I dont have the codes for that game but are they just spaced out, or is it a alternative code on the bottom code line?

Ive been to some sources where the codes are incorrect.

I’ve used these gameshark codes before and can confirm they work. It seems like someone else has had this problem before in this topic:

Cannot get cheats to work - General / Games - Libretro Forums

Like the example I showed above the gameshark codes are two lines. And I want to manually enter them in myself.

Here are some more codes I’m trying to use:

#Infinite Health Character 1

D10DB568 2C03

800DB130 03E7

#99.999.999 Gold

800719A8 E0FF

800719AA 05F5

#Enable all Characters

800719A0 FFFF

800719A2 FFFF

800719A4 FFFF

Got the codes to work. You have to put a + just for the linebreak. For instance with a two line code you would enter it in like this:

#Infinite Health Character 1

D10DB568 2C03+800DB130 03E7

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