Trying to update cores, "Task Failed: Downloading index."


I figured it was doing this because I was running a version of RetroArch that was probably two years old at this point, but I just updated to the latest x64 build and it’s still giving me this error whenever I try and view the list of available cores to download.

Updating other things seems to work. Updating cheats works, the core info files seem to be updating just fine, etc. But the actual list of cores seems to be broken from within RetroArch.


Reset the core updater URL under settings/network


That did the trick, thanks!


How do you reset this? I go there and it seems that I have to input a website only, if so, then what website?


Someone else posted this to fix and still no luck:

Anyone who is having this problem (Seems to be a lot of people) follow these simple directions:

Go to your install directory of retroarch. In the base folder, there is a file called retroarch.cfg. Make a copy of this file as a backup in case you screw up the next step. Open this file in a text editor. Search for the line: “core_updater_buildbot_url” (Should be the 2nd-ish line in the file) Your problem is that URL. If you go to it, it does not exist. So… Go to - and drill down for your OS…For windows, the path that worked for me was Save your changes, and relaunch RetroArch. Try the download process again. Success.

edit: I downloaded again and it worked. I guess what happened is that I was copying my previous config files to this one and created a conflict somewhere. So to start from scratch… ufff


Basically press start on the url, then restart retroarch


hi… until now i can’t update the cores on android platform…:sob::sob: