Turn off xbox home button (disable it from opening the menu)

can someone please help me out in disabling the xbox home button from opening the retroarch menu. I would like to use it for the big box menu but the retro menu is opening along with the launchbox menu.

Got to Retroarch: Settings, Input, Hotkey Binds Look for any commands that are bound “Guide (btn)” or “10”

Actually, correction. If you have controller set to autoconfig you will not be able to turn off the Guide button from RA menu. In that case, go to your RA directory:


Look for the name of the controller you have. In my case, it is the Xbox_One_Controller_Wireless_Adapter.cfg. Open in text editor and look to last lines of each grouping.

change this from 10 to nul:
input_menu_toggle_btn = "nul"

change this from Guide to null:

input_menu_toggle_btn_label = "nul"

Should then turn off the guide button.

thank you for the help.


in my case there is no folder “Retroarch/autoconfig/xinput” or file named “autoconfig”

What can i do to disable the “home button”?

EDIT: In the folder “internal\Android\data\com.retroarch.aarch64\files” in the file “retroarch.cfg” allready is a line "input_menu_toggle_btn = “nul”