Turning off 'Scan Directory' and 'Scan File' in Collections in RGUI


I am preparing a console running RGUI for my kids and want to have the interface as clutter-free as possible. The User Interface settings allow me to go straight to Load Content > Collections with two presses. Here, however, beside the manually named playlists, I have two entries ‘Scan Directory’ and ‘Scan File’, which I do not need at all and which are at the top, no matter how the playlists are named. Is there an easy way to remove them?


your best bets are user interface > views and ‘kiosk mode’. If those don’t do it, I think you’re out of luck, though I’m pretty sure XMB should at least remove them in kiosk mode, as I believe that was part of the reason Brunnis made that feature.


I am not using XMB, but RGUI, which does not have the kiosk mode (my device cannot run XMB).


You can hide the Import Content menu in RGUI by toggling the option in Settings -> User Interface -> Views -> Show Import Content Tab


It is off already and it does not show in the main menu. I was asking about two items in the Collections menu.


Ah ok now I see what you mean – I’ve not used playlists much in RGUI. I feel like there are potentially two different issues that could be filed here, assuming they don’t already exist on github.

#1: It seems like a bug that hiding the scanner in the Views menu doesn’t hide the scanner from both places it appears in RGUI. I wouldn’t be surprised if no one has taken the time to report this before now.

#2: It seems like a legitimate request to ask about the addition of Kiosk Mode to RGUI.


OK, I will check out the issues to see if it was reported.