[Tuto] Use a custom dat/rdb for Commodore - Amiga games in HDF format

Good morning all ! In this tutorial I want to share with you the solution that allowed me to finally recognize my native Amiga games in HDF format by retroarch, through a file dat / rdb.

Before we begin we will explain the difference between a DAT and an RDB (in a very simplistic way!) :

  • DAT : this type of file are data files, include a kind of database that contains in our case information on games (crc, name, publisher, etc.).

  • RDB : these are the “data” files used by retroarch to create playlists and recognize if your roms are valid.

Most of the time you will only find “.dat” on the internet (or by creating it yourself), and as seen above, it is necessary to convert them to “.rdb” format of retroarch to be able to use them.

For now I will not explain it here, unless some ask! I will rather dwell on how to use a “.rdb” staff if it is not recognized natively.Which was the case for my “.rdb” amiga HDF (created from a “.dat” found on the net).

The solution was actually very simple but difficult to find on the internet … The procedure to follow is as follows:

1 Place your “.rdb” in your folder which contains the other “.rdb” of retroarch (most often in the rdb files of your retroarch installation).

2 Navigate through the folder: retroarch/info to find the cores configuration files. From there, open the file “PUAE_LIBRETRO.INFO”.

3 In this one you will have to add a line, I placed it below the line called “systemid”, but I think it does not matter. Add the following line “databse = “XXX””. “XXX” is the name of your “.rdb” file (without the extension!). In my case my file was the following “Commodore - Amiga HFD.rdb” so I added the following line “databse =” Commodore - Amiga HFD ".

TIPS =>You can add several “.rdb” with this method, to do this in your line of code just separate the different file name by a “|” like this for example “Commodore - Amiga HDF | Commodore - Amiga IPF”.

Now all you have to do is go back to your retroarch, then add content by scanning your file / file which contains your / your roms and surprise, a new playlist will have appeared with your games!

If you have questions, or if the tutorial is not clear enough, do not hesitate! I do not speak English very well and try to do the best;)


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I’m interested in the DAT to RDB process.

Also, I speak spanish if that is your main language. :smiley:

Thank you for your interest ! I will try to do a tutorial later, to explain the creation of a DAT and an RDB for retroarch.

I am French :wink:


Can you share your hdf amiga rdb?

Yes, it’s not perfect for the moment, i need to make some changes :wink:

I upload the RDB this week !


Waiting for your RDB, thanks.


Here is my RDB for HDF games. HERE - GDrive

I hope it will work for you! For my part my HDF set has 3162 games (some have several versions or this number!)

After scan

What remains to be done?

  • Change the names of games, for better harmony.
  • Try to recognize native HDF games, so that retroarch displays the images as for the IDF format.
  • Other things probably !


I’m using a conversion from WHDLoad / HDF and this rdb doesn’t detect my files.

Strange because it seems you’re using the same files.

Hum strange, can you send me one game please ? i will try on my setup !


Following the post of DEU, I actually tested and the RDB does not work on my second computer.

I do not understand where the problem can come from now, I will continue to explore that!


Good afternoon everyone. I have a hdf with the Arcade game selector 2 but it is not rdb, to use it on my psvita with the uae4all2 emulator and play commodore-amiga500/1200 games. Would someone have or could make several hdf files of up to 2 gb rdb to be able to play it on my psvita with the uae4all 2 emulator that supports up to 4 hdf files of up to 2 gb each hdf file, thank you very much if you can help me, I love it commodore-amiga500/1200 and I would like to play it on my psvita with henkaku

This thread is not about Rigid Disk Block RDB but RetroArch Database RDB…

Also PUAE core should be handling the disk block thing automatically.