[tvOS] 1.8.6 no overlays?

Noticed in the blog post and now that i have 1.8.6 downloaded, that overlays are disabled. There are “no settings found”. Anyone know why they are disabled or a way to get them back for 1.8.6? I used overlays on several different things

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I’m not aware of any intentional disabling of overlays for this platform. I’ll look into what might be happening.

Thanks. Yah in the blog post for 1.8.6 at the bottom where changes are listed under “tvos” says fixed icon and disabled overlays

wat?? ok, lemme see why that choice was made and what we can do about it.

Thanks, and appreciate the replies

@hunterk any updates? Thanks

Searched overlays on the discord and saw something about memory leaks. Is that a reason it was removed?

dunno, i never got a firm answer when I asked, but twinaphex wants to bring them back, too, if they were removed for no good reason.

Ok yah hopefully there is some resolution. Weird if it was just removed, because. Lol someone trolling on appletv users

Seems overlays were never added back in?