Two analog joysticks from gamepad as P1 and P2 joysticks

Hi. I have the following question:

Is it possible to map the two analog joysticks of a gamepad to function as, for example, left analog joystick as P1 Joystick and right analog joystick as P2 Joystick.

If someone thinks it’s to play games like Crazy Climber or Karate Champ, it’s right.

Other games like Raiders of the Lost Ark and Stargate for Atari 2600 require this particular configuration. Crazy Climber for Famicom requires it too.

Thanks in advance.

This is a bit crazy, but I can think of some ideas, it must be a lot of fun to have two people playing Mario Kart in a single control, or even “Pong” many classic but even modern games, because you can have two snes-type controls ( cross and 6 buttons). Something like the Switch joystick but stuck.

I am testing and it seems to me that it can. If in Settings / Input, you put the same Device Index in Port 1 Controls and Port 2 and then assign the keys to what you need.

You have to delete the assigned keys that are not going to be used, I don’t know how to do it, it occurs to me to assign a keyboard button that nobody uses (point number for example) Does anyone know how preassigned buttons are erased?

You should be able to press “del” on your keyboard to un-bind something.

While you can’t put 2 different players on the same gamepad, you can do 2 on the same keyboard, as you’ve mentioned. So, you can use joy2key to map 1 gamepad to keyboard and then use the keyboard as 2 different gamepads in RetroArch.

You should be able to press “del” on your keyboard to un-bind something.

This clears the keyboard mapping but not the Auto mapping of the control.

(When the button assign pop-up opens, it is possible to assign the Del key, as well as Esc, Enter and F1, it is recommended that these keys are locked, they are essential to the system.)

While you can’t put 2 different players on the same gamepad

If it can, I just did it, using the Nintendo Swith concept. Assign the buttons like this. 2JOY

It is working fine, I am testing it with Snes and Arcade. It only has a few small mistakes.

  1. The LT trigger of the 360 ​​control has a button assigned and no matter which one is set, it does not change (in SF2 it is a hard hit)

  2. When I close and reopen RetroArch, I have to reassign the LB, RB, LT and RT because they are activated, they are configured in the menu but when pressing one the other is pressed.

  3. In Mame the left joystick moves both players, the right joystick and all other buttons work fine, it seems to me that the configuration of the same mame affects, but mame is a disaster, so this must not be a mistake :sweat_smile:

I did these screenshots of the assignment, on the buttons that he was going to use put the menu button (xbox) because I don’t know the way to remove the assignment.

Hi, sorry for not answering before. Thanks for the ideas, did not think of assigning the same index for both device ports. Gonna try it soon.