Two issues with the latest version of scummvm core

  1. Could someone check the latest version of scummvm core (73fed809)? For me, it’s completely broken. Games run at 60 fps but the mouse cursor/or pad seems to move at 1 fps. In addition, moving the mouse freezes the game itself for a moment.

2.Does Dreamweb work for anyone? For me, the cd/floppy version causes an error and a retroarch crash right after starting the game.

just was playing curse of mokey island and everything was fine now i testet 4 diffrent games nothing weird is going on …but can´t speak for dreamweb

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Are you sure you are using the latest version of scummvm 2.8.0 git (73fed809) ? I just checked on an old laptop how this version works. Oddly, a bit faster than on my pc with rtx 3070 ti :slight_smile: (but far from the perefect). On an old laptop I also found version 2.6.4 which works perfectly fast, not only that Dremweb also works perfectly. The problem may only be on windows as it works fine on linux. The latest version is just broken.

There are reports on Github related to speed and Dreamweb, and they are closed, fixed, you can take a look at it to see if it is related, if not, create a bug report.

That game runs very well with DOSBox PURE.

yeah i am ^^i update them very often and also also before i testet it cuz this thread said latest ^^

Many of them are my bug report :slight_smile: Dreamweb, and speed issues. I put quite a bit of time into scummvm core testing. Unfortunately, the current scumm core has quite a lot of bugs. Fixing some causes bugs elsewhere. A stable version of scummvm would be useful. Once I found the unofficial version 2.7.0, unfortunately I don’t have it anymore and I don’t know where I found it.

Thanks for the advice. Gotta see Dremweb on dosbox pure :slight_smile:

Thanks for checking. People use different versions of the core, or different systems (linux, windows, ios, etc.) Dreamweb worked on linux, but not on windows. The game has been fixed, but now, for example, Blade Runner does not work (black screen).

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did blade runner worked in RA ? for me it never worked and i tryied it quite some times :sweat_smile:

It was working very well until yesterday :smiley: If I remember correctly it worked even on the old scummvm 2.2 core version. The only question is what operating system are you using and have you downloaded the right version of the game.

i just tryied it and now after years i get a blackscreen but sound ^^ i am on win 10 btw,

Haha progress :smiley: I already sent my bug report, hope it will be fixed soon. Blade Runner is one of the best adventure games.

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yeah also an impressive presentation of voxel graphics , and it was partly randomized each playthrough if i remember it right

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I figured that from the avatar. :grimacing: That core is going to need a lot of work. But they are updating it very fast. I’m still in doubt, is DreamWeb a disk version or is it the shareware version that you download from ScummVM?

My girlfriend gave it to me (a copy) in 98 and I never played it because I don’t like the movie. I tried it last November, and what a wonderful game, pity the prejudices.

By the way, no, I’m not a sponsor, but I also run in PURE, it’s a marvel of a core.:sweat_smile:

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oh dosbox pure i use also very often …fallout 1 ior Warcraft 2 s running from time to time ATM ^^

its way more user friendly than the dosbox cores before , and games and even the isos if needed it loads via zip files ^^

way less mess in the dos folder nowadays

and it even runs , win 3.1 and 95 after some trickery didn´t try 98 at this point …

and how can someone not like bladerunner …the movie ? :flushed:

Win98 is easy to install and works fine, 95 with the old trick, select manual driver installation, instead of automatic, 3.1 I just got an image to look at, hate it a little more and then exile it from my hard drive forever.

let’s not go into details :laughing:

Yes but with PURE, cropping from the Mega Bezel, and the startup trick, Myst for 3.11 has never looked better.

ScummVM emulation is still superior for the games it supports, because it lets you choose between platforms with better graphics or audio, (Depending on which you prefer.) but PURE is a more valid alternative than we ever had before.

Back on topic. I am using an old ScummVM core until the bugs are squashed.

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Myst looks the same on any Windows, :grimacing: but yes, the original experience is very rewarding, I hate win3.x just the same.

ScummVM has many advantages, I don’t mean to compare them, but the enhancements are a matter for debate, the DBP experience is much more authentic and expansive, for example, you can play a game with the General Midi sound, or SoundBlaster, an original GUS or an enhanced GUS, a Roland MT32 or some of the hundreds of Sound fonts that are great.

I forgot to tell you this, from the Build you can download old cores. In the stable section, you search for your platform and architecture and download the package “RetroArch_cores.7z”, unfortunately they are not listed, you have to download one by one until you find an old version.

now that is progress now ^^ finally

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