Two PS4 controllers to work on Retroarch app on Nvidia shield

I cant figure out how to get my Ps4 controllers to work simultaneously in game so I can play two player games. Both show up in config as Retropad. Each controller is designated as either #1 or #2 but when the game starts both act as the same gamepad.When I try to map out each game pad out individually they act as the same gamepad. Is there something really simple im missing?

You should be able to go to settings > input > port 2 controls and change the device index to the other controller. If the controllers are identical, they can both control a single player erroneously.

Both devices are PS4 controllers. Both devices are correctly indexed as Wireless controller #1 & #2 in Port 1 & 2 but neither acted as separate controllers in game.

On top of that now neither controller works at all within the Retroarch app despite still being configured as Wireless controller #1 & #2. I can only use the Nvidia remote to navigate the app and each device appears to be configured correctly. Ive tried unpairing and repairing the controllers in the Shield menu they both work fine outside the Retroarch app itself.

Are you launching with the remote? If so, try launching the application with your gamepad and make sure you don’t touch the remote while RetroArch is running.

No im launching with the controllers but they arent working within retroarch only the shield remote will work. Not sure how i made this problem worse but I didnt change anything.