Ubuntu 17.10

Hi. I’ve just installed RetroArch ver. 1.7.0. (which by the way works perfectly right) on my laptop PC, which runs Ubuntu ver. 17.10. So far, everything looks great!

Question No1: I’m mainly interested in DOS gaming. What am I supposed to do, after installing RetroArch?

(step-by-step instructions, in plain english please!!!)

Question No2: Let’s assume that I manage to set-up ArchLinux and play the game. But now, I want the original feeling on a CRT monitor. What am I supposed to do? How can I install, use that shaders?

(step-by-step instructions, in plain english please!!!)

By the way, I am a total n00b!!! HELP! :slight_smile:

Some of this depends on where you installed from. Did you use the testing ppa? the stable ppa? The snap package? the flatpak package? something else?

1.) we have a dosbox core and you would typically just load core > dosbox-libretro > load content > yourgame.exe, IIRC. However, our dosbox core is pretty old and a number of games that work with standalone dosbox don’t work with RetroArch, unfortunately, so be prepared for that.

2.) Once you have a game loaded, go back into the menu (it should say ‘quick menu’ at the top of the screen) and go down to the ‘shader options’ sub-menu. From there, go to ‘load shader preset’ and navigate to where your shaders are stored and find a preset you want to try. If you don’t have any shaders, go to settings > directory and set your ‘video shaders’ directory to somewhere user-writeable and then go to the main menu > online updater and download the GLSL shaders.