Ultimarc controller setup in retroarc

Help! Please and thank you in advance. I’m sure this is simple but I just cannot get it accomplished.

Im using a pc with bigbox as the front end. I have an Ultimarc ultimate keyboard io and what I need is to be able to save separate configurations across different emulators.

So I’d like to be able to save a config for nes / genesis / mame / snes and map the Ultimarc keyboard controller individually for each emulator not globally.

how do I do this? It seems it I map it for one emulator it maps it for all, it’s very frustrating.

I’m hoping someone can help me, thanks in advance.

When you go to the “Input” option from the Main Menu, you are configuring the default controls for everything.

In order to save a different control method for a certain core, you need to first load a game with that core. With the game loaded you will notice that when you press “F1” to enter the menu, there are new options. That’s because you are not in the “Main Menu” but in the “Quick Menu” instead. That’s basically the core/game menu that you are currently using.

From there you can go to the “Controls” option. Here you can configure the controls for that game or core you have loaded. When you are happy with the controls you must then select the “Save Core Remap File”. This will save these controls for that specific core and every time you load a game that runs with that core, these controls will also load automatically.

You can do this for each core individually. You can also save different controls per game if you choose the “Save Game Remap File” option.

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Pressing f1 and saving core remap in the quick menu isn’t working, if I setup controls for Nintendo, it does it for all. I tried last night again. I’ve remapped and saved it just about every way possible, it keeps setting it globally.