Unable to launch mupen64 next gles3 with plugin parallel shield tv

Hi, since I have update to android 11 my shield tv and install an overclocked image to boost performance, I would like to test again mupen64 next with the plugin and rdp parallel. But as soon as I change the plugin to parallel, it crashed retroarch when I launch a game. I have to clear the option file in retroarch option file to relaunch mupen by default in glide plugin. My video driver is vulkan by default but seem to force gl when I launch mupen. Is someone is able to launh correctly mupen on shield tv with parallel plugins? Thanks for any tips Regards

I’m a Shield TV user myself, I also overclocked it as well and I’ll tell you now that the Parallel plugins slow the Shield down, it’s been like since the feature was introduced. Why that is? I don’t know. I’m still on 8.2.3 and those plugins work on my Shield but like I said it slows a lot of games down from 50 to 30fps. Maybe the Shield isn’t powerful enough to handle it, not sure. Same thing with the Beetle Saturn core, it works but the Shield just isn’t beefy enough to run at full speed.

ok thanks for the tip. but it’s weird because on android 8, I was able to launch mupen with parallel plugin and its works nearly to 50 fps with pal games ( I disable the v-sync option as the author suggest). I don’ t know why it crash now. thanks

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