Unable to load shader presets after updating all in online updater

i used to use some saturn beetle shaders preset. they workede ok, now if i try to run that only game i play with saturn beetle, shaders are not there anymore. not only that but everytime i try to load ANY shader preset, its like all folders are empty, when in reality they have contents etc, like they used to before.

any help

It sounds like you’re trying to load the wrong shader type for your video driver. GL driver can load glsl or Cg shaders; d3d9 can load only Cg shaders; gl_core, vulkan, d3d10/11/12 can only load slang shaders.

I see, didn’t know that. i was using vulkan because a particular psx core required that to have a higher resolution filter that eliminates dithering. thanks :slight_smile: