Unable to update cores online

I’m using arch linux. My kernel is 6.0.11-zen1-1-zen. I have core_updater_buildbot_url enabled, as well as core_updater_buildbot_assets_url. I am still unable to load all cores on my setup. Please assist.

Did you check the locations it’s trying to use for cores, etc. in settings > directory? The Arch package sets those locations to root-owned locations by default, so RetroArch can’t write to them.

I just chowned both directories.

Cores is set to /usr/lib/libretro

Core info is set to /usr/share/libretro/info

I updated assets and database and I still wasnt able to download more cores. There only about 8 showing.

what architecture is it?

The architecture is x86_64

hmm, okay. I figured you were going to say ARM32/64, since we only have a few of those (and they’re super-old). But if it’s x86_64, there should be hundreds. I don’t know of any reason why it would only show you 8 if it’s actually looking at our server.