Unable to update to 1.9.1

Hey guys,

I am not able to manually update to 1.9.1. I am looking for the _retroarch.7z file and the Redist file. Are they no longer available. I also tried updating with the desktop mode and only Nightly builds are available. I just want to update and not lose my configs. Any help would be appreciated.

Assuming win64, grab the RetroArch.7z from here: http://buildbot.libretro.com/stable/1.9.1/windows/x86_64/

make a backup of your current installation, just in case something goes wrong, then copy everything from the new one into the old one, merging and overwriting for everything. It should give you new executables, libs, assets, etc but it doesn’t come with any configs, so those should stay intact.

so my save states and bios files will be fine also?

Yes, the bundle doesn’t come with anything like that, so it won’t overwrite what’s already there. Still, make a backup of your whole current RetroArch folder, just in case.