Unexplained behavior in Top Gear Overdrive (N64)

I’m not sure if this is the correct place to post this since the issue happens in all emulators and cores. But maybe someone here can offer an explanation because i don’t understand how this game behaves incorrectly for me but it seems correct for everyone else…

Basically, the issue is that the rival computer AI car runs too fast and it’s impossible to finish first. I can only finish second place if i play perfectly and the rival will end up half round ahead. You can see the rival AI on the map, having a huge distance from the other cars here (it’s the dot with the halo around it at the bottom):


This behavior is consistent across every single emulator and core i tried. PJ64, Mupen, both Mupen cores and ParaLLel. Even the standalone Mupen FZ on the Android. I even tried different ROMS from no-intro, goodmerge, MAME softlist, etc. And also deleted the battery save file to start fresh. All tests are made on the first race using a fresh save file.

And yet, in all youtube videos i see, nobody else has this problem. Here’s an emulator shot from a Youtube video:


Here’s a real N64 capture


Seems like the game behaves differently for me, on every emulator core or system but is it only me?

Maybe it is a protection recognizing that the rom doesn’t run on original hardware?

In other youtube videos the game looks correct, even on emulators. The second image i uploaded is from a youtube video running on emulation.