Uninstalling/Setting Default Core


Currently, I have both Mednafen PSX and PCSX-ReARMed installed in Lakka. I’m trying to set PCSX-ReARMed as the “default” core when I play psx games through the Playstation Playlist drop down - but it keeps defaulting to Mednafen. The only way I currently know how to play using PCSX-ReARMed is by going to Menu > Load Content > Select File & Detect Core > and selecting my game and core.

Can somebody guide me on how I can either uninstall Mednafen or set PCSX-ReARMed as default? I’ve tried googling, looking through the GUI, and also shuffling through my lakka/retroarch files - but cannot seem to figure it out.

Thank you! I appreciate any and all help!

SOLUTION - I was able to get this to work by going to the Playlist Settings in the Lakka GUI and setting Sony Playstation to the core that I wanted it to default to (PCSX-ReARMed). This didn’t fully solve the issue, as it kept defaulting to Mednafen. So, I had to go into my Lakka file system > Playlists and delete my Sony Playstation.lpl file. This required a reboot and rescan to find all my psx ROMS again. But, now all of my psx ROMs are defaulting to the correct core. I’m sure there is a more elegant way to solve this issue, but editing in case it helps anybody else.


Sorry I don’t have an answer. Just wanted to past that I have exactly the same problem and really want a solution.

Please help