Unloading/closing a core (Vita version)

I installed Retroarch on my Vita (v 1.8.1) and I can’t seem to exit a core and get to the main menu after finishing a game. Whenever I start or restart my Retroarch, it defaults to the last core I was using. Any tips/advise?

You should be able to use ‘close content’ from the quick menu, I would think, and you should be able to switch cores just by going to main menu > load core.

I take it those things aren’t working, though?

I think the problem I am having is that I can’t get to the quick menu. What is the button sequence?

On most platforms, it’s F1, but I think on Vita it may be L3+R3…? When you first launch it and you’re in the menus, if you go to settings > input and look for ‘menu toggle gamepad combo’ it should tell you.