Update from retroarch playstore version to website version android

Hi, i would like to know the best method to update my actuel retroarch playstore version to the normal from the website for android shield tv. May I have just to download and sideload the apk from the site, then apply it ? I don’t want to crush all my previous settings even if I have a backup. thank for you advise regards

Yes, just sideload it. It shouldn’t overwrite any configs, etc. Worst case is that it may (not sure about this) install a separate package alongside it, in which case you can migrate your configs over to the new one.

ok thanks for the clarification regards

Hi sorry to come back on this post but on the website, we have 3 dowload choices: -retroarch.apk -retroarch64.apk -retroarch32.apk

if I choose retroarch.apk, will I stay on normal 64 bits version ? thanks for your new clarification regards

AFAIK, retroarch.apk is the combined version that has both 64- and 32-bit builds inside of it but it will always default to using the 64-bit version if your device can support it.

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perfect, thanks I will do it regards