Update issue on Google TV (Chromecast 4)

Hi everyone, I have the latest available 1.9.0 version of Retroarch Plus installed on my Google TV device. Since the cores are included there now the app gets more frequent updates. However, I am not able to update the app. It downloads the update and installs it but in the end there’s a popup saying “update was not installed”. This doesn’t happen on my Nvidia shield table or on my Android mobile. I was also trying to uninstall the app from PlayStore and install the APK manually from https://buildbot.libretro.com/stable/1.9.0/android/ but the installation was also not successful. Any hints for that? Or is it maybe better to wait for 1.9.1? Thanks in advance.

I’m having update issues on my Nvidia Shield actually. For about a month now, if I try to update the app, I get this:

Can’t install RetroArch

Try again, and if it still doesn’t work, see common ways to fix the problem

Hi @kaiyoma, thanks for sharing this. From my side I have stopped using the Google TV device with Retroarch, there were too many issues (not only the update problem). Instead, I have a Asus deskmini x300 with Windows connected to my TV, there I am using the chocolatey package manager to maintain the versions of Retroarch, see here: https://community.chocolatey.org/packages/retroarch