Update Mupen+GlideN64 to latest 3.0

Looked over bounty source to see how to create a bounty but I cannot see how to do it. is this only accessible to the Devs?

For something like this, I was thinking 50-100 would be a good start, unless i’m mistaken in the work at hand.

Just looking for feedback and info and maybe where to submit a bounty.


You have to make an issue over at github in the core’s repository and then it should be accessible from bountysource.

Thank you!

Issue Created Here: https://github.com/libretro/mupen64plus-libretro/issues/57


How does this work? Can others chip in so the bounty increases?

Anyone can chip in. You just need to register either a github account or an account at Bountysource. You can then pay with Paypal.

Ydoc still needs to post the Bountysource link though.

Awesome. I’m sure people will chip in for this one. I’m broke and i want to.


Please keep Mupen64Plus + GlideN64 alive and up to date in Retroarch.
ParallelN64 has Anrgylion but it is damn slow, and does not have GlideN64 which is second best after angrylion.

Personally I use Windows and do not have the vulkan renderer in the current ParallelN64 core, thus I experience slowdowns and rather use Mupern64plus with GlideN64.

Why GlideN64 was committed from ParallelN64 in the first place?

The point as I understand it is to have a clean and accurate emulator. GlideN64 looks like yet another OpenGL HLE plugin.

Also, ParaLLEl is already near fullspeed on Coffee Lake CPUs. By the time we have a new port of Mupen64Plus + GlideN64 we will have a new generation of CPUs with likely better performance.

ParaLLEL is also abandoned so it doesn’t change anything really. Also, ParaLLEL itself isn’t that special either, it had potential but it’s current state doesn’t give as good results as m64p. It’s mostly Angrylion that does all the good job but it’s still very demanding in some games, even if you have the fastest CPU available now. Try Killer Instinct. Or Vigilante 8.

Parallel’s own “parallel” plugin is not as good as either Angrylion or GlideN64.

Right now, the most compatible option with a decent speed is m64p. It even beats ParaLLEL+Angrylion, i mean, try to load NFL Quarterback Club 98, it won’t even load there but on m64p it works flawlessly. I still haven’t found a game that doesn’t load there and i tested around 180 so far.

RetroArch also adds it’s own goodies like input lag reduction options and shaders. All that stuff creates more overhead so a faster emulator will allow you to use them.


Hey guys,

Here is the link:

i added 100 dollars already. spread the word! =)

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This is great. Thanks for starting it.

It’s not listed here yet though


My bad, first time using it. How do I get it to show on the main page?

There are far more bounties than those that are listed on that page. None of my bounties are listed either.

Is there a list with all bounties for RetroArch?

They’re supposed to all be shown on that libretro team page. Unfortunately, bountysource seems to be weird an unreliable in a lot of ways :confused:

Is there an admin for it to force those changes?

IIRC, we have to put in a ticket with the company and they’ll look into it when they feel like it :frowning:

If it helps, I could cancel it and open a new one so I can place it in a better spot. Or donate to libretro and they could submit it, if it makes any difference.

Ok, i’ll ask around as to what’s best and let you know if we need you to change anything.

Ydoc, could you maybe change the reference to m64p instead of generally Mupen, like the other guy mentioned in the bounty page?

I’m not sure what’s the best thing to do though. Maybe m64p is harder to port?

I added a small amount to the bounty (i’m broke, sorry) will i need to re-add it if you cancel the entry? Not sure how these things work.