Update Snes9x2010 to handle SPC7110


There is a great game, the Tengai Makyou Zero on SNES which one using SPC7110 chipset. Tom and his team finished the english translation for this game yesterday. http://www.romhacking.net/forum/index.php?topic=23162.880 Could someone update the snes9x2010 core in Retroarch Ps3 version to handle this great game? It would be awesome.

Thanks in advance.

Actually, it would be nice if all the SNES9x cores could be updated so everyone can run the game…/

If anyone is looking to recompile the SNES9x core, here’s a link to what files were changed to make the game playable in SNES9x


Here’s a link to DougRPG dicussing the changes http://www.romhacking.net/forum/index.php?topic=23162.msg345574#msg345574

Here’s the code in upstream: https://github.com/snes9xgit/snes9x/commit/81d287cbd8d8d42099fb0b939fe21d5bccf75663

I applied doug’s patch to our source, but is there a reason to switch over to your version?

@kazuma34 It looks like it’s going to be difficult to add it to snes9x2010, but it might be easier to add it to snes9x2005. I’ll look into it this evening.

Mainly, I’m not sure if there are any potential side effects of always adding the extra ROM mapping, so there’s the extra check there. The other change was mostly just because it was cleaner.

@hunterk: Its ok for me if you add it to snes9x2005 instead of snes9x2010. Thanks in advance. I hope it will work on Ps3 because I would like to play this Tengai Makyou Zero game on console :slight_smile:) If you added it could you release a nightly build of Retroarch for Ps3? It would be awesome.

Ah, gotcha. Yeah, I might just add that check on top to be safe.

Would this be added into the normal Snes9x (non year) core as well ?

That’s what it’s in currently. It should be in the online updater by now.

Awesome, will check and see.
Edit: Yup it’s in and works, thank you kind sir.

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Could you add this modified SNES core to nightly PS3 build? There are some Tengai Makyou Zero fan and Playstation owner out there who dont wanna play this pure console game on PC :slight_smile: Personally I cant wait to play this great game in english but I dont wanna ruin the game experience on PC :slight_smile: Thanks in advance!

@hunterk: any news? :slight_smile:

I’m not going to be able to add it to 2005 as easily as I had hoped. I plan to do some poking around in 2010 and see if I can simply add in the missing file(s). I also haven’t checked to see whether we can easily trigger another nightly build for PS3 if/when the support is in.

I see. I hope you can find a solution and the Tengai Makyou Zero will be playable on consoles via Retroarch. Btw thanks for your effort @hunterk.

Thanks for the porting. I’m also waiting for this on the Vita.

Since you updated the snes9x core to support Tengai Makyou Zero game is it possible to add this core to Ps3 Retroarch? Or we need to wait until someone update the snes9x2005 and snes9x2010? :slight_smile:

Guys, could you add this updated snes9x core to the planned Ps3 Retroarch 1.6.8 release? Thanks in advance.

snes9x2010 needs work in its spc7110 code as this currently does not updates realtime clock. support for the newly translated snes game can be done(with some hackish-like method), but without realtime updates of the clock, not sure how it will affect the game (or if spc7110 is completely emulated in this core)

some days ago hunterk updated the regular snes9x core for Retroarch PC version. Is it possible to add this core to the new Ps3’s Retroarch? Btw the real time clock feature is not so important. I could live without it. Someone ported the updated snes9x core to PSVITA too: http://psx-core.ru/forum/58-2993-1#81623

I hope the Retroarch team can implement this updated snes9x core to the new 1.6.8 Ps3’s Retroarch release.

http://www.s9x-w32.de/dl/ Im still waiting for updated Snes9x core for PS3 :frowning: