Updating retroarch - which files?

When I want to update retroarch in windows, which files do I need to overwrite, without having to re-configure everything/anything?

Just the retroarch.exe? Or any other files?

thanks! :slight_smile:


make a copy of retroarch.cfg first. then overwrite all, restore retroarch.cfg

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Luckly, the recent downloads (at least for Windows x64) are not packed with retroarch.cfg anymore. But yeah, always backup your retroarch.cfg.

Sorry for resurrecting this old thread, but in light of 1.7.7 being release, I was wondering if this is still the ideal way to update. Thanks in advance.

Yeah, more or less. You can also just take the *.exe files and the *.dll files and move them into your old installation, overwriting the conflicts.

Just make sure to make a backup of your old installation first in case something goes wrong.

Thank you. I ended up simply extracting the new build to my existing RetroArch folder and overwriting everything, since the new versions don’t come with a .cfg file. So far, everything seems to work, and it couldn’t have been easier!

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While we’re on the subject, are there any plans to add an option to update from within RetroArch, itself?

You can already do it from the desktop menu, I believe, but we would like to have it work from the regular menu, as well. The issue that we have is being able to replace the executables while they’re running and then to be able to re-launch the new process from the old one (in a non-hacky, portable manner, of course).

Thanks for the insight. Haven’t tried the desktop menu yet, but it’s nice to know the option’s there.

I will say the way I update the RetroArch:

I backup every archive and folder into a new folder, and download the new version of the RetroArch and unzip it in another new folder. I exclude all archives in the folder that I unzip new RetroArch version (except the .exe file) and them I clip and paste the old backup files in this folder.

Is foolish replace only retroarch.cfg because you will lose all the games, thumbnails, covers and other important archives if you store them into the folders in the folder of RetroArch.

I think will be GREAT and EASY if the devs create a way of update the platform through the own RetroArch, in the “Updates” tab inside the platform. Is a lot boring need manually do it. :expressionless:

I know is bad complain with the all work the devs do in the the platform, but is like a request of improvement in truth, because is a marvelous project. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: