Use Software Render for PPSSPP on AppStore Version

Want to play Football Manager Handheld 2013 for PSP on PPSSPP but can’t get it to load a Game.

Needs Software Render but can’t find it on RA

please can I have some Help

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This PR should help to fix this issue.

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How can I update the Core on AppStore Version?

You have to wait for an update to the app. you can’t add/remove/modify the app in any way.

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Okay - Thought so but asked just in Case

Saw the Update and Checked the PPSSPP Core and had set to Software

Happy to Report it fixed the Football Manager Handheld 2013 Crash after Loading or Saving a Game

Thanks for the Coder/Person who added this to the PPSSPP Core

Thanks to @warmenhoven and @sonninnos :wink:

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2nd the Thanks @warmenhoven I appreciate what you done with PPSSPP Core update

Also here: thanks a lot! Hope more cores get an hardware renderer

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I forgot about @sonninnos !

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What good about Hardware Renderer compared to Software One?

It is better for battery plus you can use feature like upscaling and texture filtering in a much better way. Also shaders will work

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Thanks for Answering Question @papermanzero

So pretty much can do lot more things to do from Emulator then using Software

Hardware need less Power?

Also shaders will work

Shaders work on software rendered cores as well.

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