Use specific /dev/input/js* devs, map specific devs to port numbers

I have multiple DS4 controllers being used over bluetooth, and want specific controllers (i.e. specific serial numbers) to be mapped to specific Retroarch input ports. The controllers show up in /dev/input/js0, js1, js2, etc … in the same order they connected over bluetooth. However, I created a udev rule which matched the unique bluetooth MAC addresses for each one and creates a symlink to /dev/input/js10, js11, js12, etc … with each one tied to a specific controller (you can’t rename the original device path - so created a new device path which symlinks to it).

Now that I have control over /dev/input/js* devices being mapped to unique controllers, how can I leverage this to map them to specific RetroArch controller ports? Is there a way to specify port 1 should use /dev/input/js10 for example?

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This issue is related to your case.

Thank you.