Using cheats?

Is it possible, from what I can tell from the source code on git hub the support is there. Using the latest unofficial build with the aurora patches. I cant seem to figure out the cht file format to make it work on the xbox, and cant enter cheats in the menu, so it would be nice to know what cores use what formats on the cheat db files. any help would be appreciated.

Bump, seriously, no one knows how to get cheat options to work on retroarch xbox360 edition, or if it is even possible. I started with snes9x-next core, and created the .cht file in the PC version of snes9x, and coppied it to the console. Cheats don show up in the cheat menu, even after the file has been loaded. I tried BSNES xml based database, and that didnt work either, and also tried the text based non xml cht files. No matter what I do, they dont show up. I know the support is in the core, as I checked github, and the core has options for loading and saving cht files, which makes me think the XUI is not set up to load/configure cheats, even though the option is there. Any help is appreciated.

the cheat databases you need are in libretro-database repo, but I don’t think the 360 port has support yet (or, at least, I know none of the old builds do; it might work if you built it yourself):

Where is this unofficial build with these patches?? As far as I was aware the only way to get that was to build from the source but I haven’t been able to make it work yet.

Unofficial port with Aurora rom launching support:

These are the cores, does not have the main retroarch gui, but can be launched individually, or can be used to replace the cores in, but then the auto launch feature in aurora probably wont work. The LUA scripts for aurora use features that wont be supported until the next aurora release, as when swizzy wrote them, they were already in development of aurora 1.5b. I am fairly sure this is unofficial, as was said not to be released on consoles.

So much for their not being an unofficial build, I asked Swizzy if he would look into it, and him and maester rowen over at realmodscene, with the help of squarepusher did create an unofficial build, just so there were some emulators out there that worked with Auroras Autolaunch feature. I asked Swizzy to look into the cheats but due to issues he had with the devs here, he said he was done with this port. I am fairly certain that the aurora patches made it into the official source, but just in case they didnt Swizzy did put his patches on his github.

Thank you Hunterek, I will try these on this xbox build and report back if it works.

those cheat files work, working on a script to convert the bsnes xml to cht files for retroarch. :slight_smile:

Update: Script works converted over 1000 cheats in < 5 minutes. It was all a matter of getting it to create the cht files with the right format. :slight_smile: Gonna create a database app that will store cheats, and create cheat files, let you change cheats, etc… as the retroarch 360 version has no way of editing these files. :slight_smile: Unfortunatly BSNES master cheat database also has NES, and Gameboy, as well as SNES, so the files will all have to be sorted. :frowning:

Here is the script, just copy and paste and save as a .vbs file. run file.

on error resume next
dim DocToLoad
'edit this line
'Do not edit after this line
Set objXMLDoc = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM") 
objXMLDoc.async = False 
dim filesys,filesys1, filetxt1, filetxt, getname, path
Set filesys = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set filesys = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set filetxt1 = filesys.CreateTextFile(".\error.txt", True)
	path = filesys.GetAbsolutePathName(".\error.txt")
	getname = filesys.GetFileName(path)

Set Root = objXMLDoc.documentElement 
Set NodeList = Root.getElementsByTagName("cartridge")
dim i,z
dim code_array(1000),description_array(1000)
For Each Elem In NodeList 
   set game = Elem.getElementsByTagName("name")(0)
   set cheat = elem.getElementsByTagName("cheat")
	Set filetxt = filesys.CreateTextFile(".\cheats\"&game.text&".cht", True)
	path = filesys.GetAbsolutePathName(".\cheats\"&game.text&".cht")
	getname = filesys.GetFileName(path)

   for each elem1 in cheat
   SET Description= Elem1.getElementsByTagName("description")(0)
   SET code = Elem1.getElementsByTagName("code")(0)
   Set Description=nothing
   set code=nothing
filetxt.WriteLine("###File Generated by Script Written by Gavin_Darkglider")
filetxt.WriteLine("cheats = "&i)

do until z = i
filetxt.WriteLine("cheat"&z&"_desc = "&chr(34) &description_array(z)&chr(34)) 
filetxt.WriteLine("cheat"&z&"_code = "&chr(34)&code_array(z)&chr(34))
filetxt.WriteLine("cheat"&z&"_enabled = false")
If Err.Number <> 0 Then
  filetxt1.WriteLine("Error converting: "& game.text)
End If
set NodeList=nothing
 WScript.Echo "Finished"

Here is a link to the file I converted with this script. :slight_smile: should also mention you have to create a folder called cheats, and put it in the directory with the scripts, as the script doesnt create the folder.

why are there no cheats for the nintendo 64 (Mupen64 plus)

There is no unofficial build.