Using Dualshock slows down my game!? (Help!)

So I enabled Dualshock in the Retroarch settings not the F1 game settings to try and get rumble while using Beetle PSX HW. And when I start to play a game I get massive slowdown. When I turn dualshock off the game runs smooth and goes back to normal. It’s like whenever the game comes to a part where there is rumble it slows down the game from that point on…Does anyone know the reason why this is happening? So, I can never use rumble!!!

Can anyone test this?

This is something I discovered accidently a while ago. If you set it to Dualshock you will get slowdowns, use analog instead.

Will using analog still give me rumble?

Well changing it to analog deactivates the rumble. And that’s what I want. So the question is why does setting it to Dualshock slow down games? Could someone fix this in a potential update? This really needs to be tested…

is it slowing down while continuously vibrating? and what game? must not be DS compatible.

I was playing Legend of Legaia. Whenever I enter a battle it slows down (the battle transition is supposed to rumble). Then the entire game both in and out of battle has slow down. And there is no rumble at all.

Just tested it with another game Chrono Cross and it does the same thing whenever I get to a part that is supposed to have rumble it immediately slows down the game permanently. I guess we’ll never be able to use rumble in Beetle Playstation HW…