Using Ozone without joypad


Like the subject says, I’m experimenting the usability of the Ozone menu on a Windows PC with only a keyboard and mouse attached.

One thing I noticed is that I can’t find a way to simulate the 4 button actions hinted at the bottom of the screen.

Looking in the controls configuration they should be mapped to A, W, S and Z for user 1, but they do not seem to work.

by default, accept should be X and cancel should be Z.

What works for me is:

ARROWS to navigate the menu entries ENTER for accept BACKSPACE to cancel ESC to exit Retroarch

The mouse seems to work only on the right part of the menu.

all other keys seem to be ignored, so I can not “search” or “change thumbnail type” or any other action listed in the bottom info row.

Oh, yeah, you need to go to settings > input and turn on “unified menu controls”. That will move the menu navigation to the keyboard retropad mappings.

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Yes, now it works, thanks.

Still I noticed a little bug.

If you don’t have any thumbnail saved you don’t see the other playlist info (played time…) in the side panel.