Using the VICE core for Commodore C64 games with RetroArch

Hi, I’m using RetroArch on my Fire TV stick. i can emulate many consoles like the NES, SNES, Sega Master, System Mega Drive etc with no problems.

Recently I’ve tried Commodore 64 games with the Vice 3.0 core.

But with this core I don’t get very far. I’m able to load my games and they do run. Speed and compatibilty is okay. Music sounds okay.

But I have the following problems:

1.) I don’t understand how to use the C64 keyboard. Many games require to press at least the Space bar on the keybaord to skip the cracker intro. Is there a virtual keyboard that can be enabled? I don’t find it.

2.) There are no save states available from the RetroArch menu. But I’ve heard that Vice uses his own save feature that can be used somehow. But how?

3.) Is there any kind of documentation for the Vice-Core in Retroarch. I mean it’s not even listed in the core documentation.

Any help, please?

there’s not much info on it, as it was never really “officially” released. It’s always been a WIP.

There are keyboard overlays (I think one of them, at least, works) that you can try. EDIT: nvm, fire stick means you’re all-gamepad, I take it.

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I have searched the forum and found multiple times that a virtual keyboard can be enabled that can be used with a mouse or a joystick to virtually press the C64 buttons.

But no matter what I try I can’t find a way to show this keyboard.

When I map “RETROK_DIVIDE” or “RETROK_F10” to gamepad buttons this invokes a GUI with a few options like colour scheme or SID-type. But no keyboard.

Since others seem to have figured out, how to invoke this virtual keyboard, there must be a way? Or doesn’t it?

The core is so great, I can’t really believe that keyboard support is missing.

@Osimov You could indeed pair a Bluetooth keyboard with the Fire TV stick…

I think the virtual keyboard implementation in RetroArch is a little broken, as virtual keyboard arrow keys are detected as strange keyboard presses in cores for example (MAME menu is a good place to try that as trying to navigate in the games list with arrow keys registers strange characters in the search bar instead)…

I would be already happy if I could figure out how to invoke the virtual keyboard. Broken or not.

@Osimov It’s in the overlays, but works only on touch screens or with a mouse to actually press the keys…