Using the Vulkan core, framerate looks low, despite reporting 60 fps


When I use the d3d12 driver, everything is buttery smooth. But when I use the Vulkan renderer, it looks choppy and kind of stuttery.

And the RetroArch reported framerate is 60 fps, in addition to the internal core reported framerate also at 60 fps. That’s what it says, but I just know a 60 fps framerate when I see one, and this is not 60 fps! It looks more like 30 fps.

The reason that I want to use Vulkan is for the Beetle PSX HW supersampling and other effects. But when I use it, I get this awful apparent 30 fps issue.

Not only does this affect the PSX core, but ALL cores. Even something simple like SNES9x.

Any thoughts?

I have tried a clean install of the latest AMD drivers… as well as wiping my retroarch.cfg file. Neither seemed to help.

My system: Windows 10, latest updates RetroArch 1.7.6 AMD RX 580 - latest driver 19.1.1 Ryzen 7 1700x 16 GB RAM