Using vJoy in Retroarch = Mouse Ball for Arkanoid

Apologies, i have no intents of messing up the forum

Honestly i still don’t understand if it should be possible to set up the mouse buttons to work as start+coin buttons even after reading everything.

If there are any workarounds, tested methods i would really appreciate it.

On a sidenote,

This is a basic feature any newcomer to Retroarch will expect to work out of the box

and thank you for this, this helped me forward ( still working on the config file though, i believe that is the step i have been missing )

As i said, mame with its builtin osd is your only solution here if you want more freedom with remapping. Coin/start won’t be mapped by default on the mouse in FBNeo, first because it doesn’t make sense to me to map coin/start on the mouse, second because i don’t even see the problem here since you have a keyboard to press those keys, third because the number of mouse buttons you can assign through the libretro api is limited to 3 (there are a 4th and 5th button in the libretro api but they never seemed to work during my tests) meaning any game with more than 1 gameplay button wouldn’t have enough room to map gameplay buttons + coin/start, fourth because users with 2-buttons mouse exist and they couldn’t play anymore if i mapped coin/start by default on their mouse.

Imho working out of the box is actually the main issue here : retroarch’s input system was thought to work out of the box, without a real need to remap, hence why it’s rather lacking when you want to do more complex remaps.

Hi thank you again,

I would like to know what basics are required, that must be set or exist on a system : to have the Mouse Full, recognize a mouse that is recognized by the Windows / or the user OS ?

I just want the mouse recognized by my OS to move some things on the screen ( in games ), like it already moves the mouse pointer in Retroarch

Can someone who understands how this system works explain what steps are required for that ?

it doesn’t have to even be the Mouse Full mode…

Anything that recognizes the mouse that is already moved by Retroarch would do

Something happened and now the mouse will not move with any settings and i would like to know why and how to get the mouse working

edit: The same thing happens with the vJoy as the mouse… it is recognized in retroarch and does not move any thing.

edit2: and i already found the coin start buttons on keyboard and that is a perfectly perfect solution

Just need to get the mouse moving ( something )… just like it moves on the retroarch screen, after selecting either mouse or vJoy that is mapped to mouse ( that moves and works in windows and i assume it works on other gaming software )

edit3: did a brand new install like before… and the mouse does not move anything - but the mouse buttons work for ‘fire’

And thank you for those creating Retroarch

I am sure it will work great, as soon as i understand the components ( and i am getting very close )

Thank you all for your help