Utilising Player 2 controls for Player 1 functions


I see lots of posts asking about player 1 and player 2 being controlled at the same time - I kind of have the opposite problem!

When emulating Nintendo DS (for example) I don’t have enough functions on my arcade stick to map every action, so I’d like to be able to use a couple of buttons on Retropad 2 / player 2 as player one actions

However, in the quick menu it won’t allow me to map any player 2 buttons to any functions

How can I do this? Thanks!


Not possible currently, unfortunately. The closest thing would be to use xpadder or something like that to map some of your other gamepad’s buttons to keyboard functions and then map the additional functionality to those same keys.


That’s a shame…

I just want to make sure i understand correctly - actually both ‘gamepads’ are in fact the keyboard… (using an iPac control board) - so they keyboard keys are set to two different retropads

I guess what i’m asking is, am I able to set some of those keys to additional retropad buttons just for this core?


ah, ok, if they’re all on the keyboard already, you could potentially manually add the appropriate input lines assigning additional retropad buttons (e.g., L3/R3) to the other buttons to a core override but there’s no way to do it through the menu, and if you save another core override, it will wipe out your manual changes (so probably a good idea to make the modified override read-only).


There is also this bounty: https://forums.libretro.com/t/30-multiple-gamepads-to-a-retropad-n-to-1-and-vice-versa-1-to-n/


Think i managed to get this to work - thank you :slight_smile: