V-Sync messing up shaders

Does anyone have an idea why suddenly V-Sync is messing the shaders in my setup? I’ve tried a clean RA download in a separate folder with stock cfg, updated drivers, disabled DSR, I had to record with a smarphone as using OBS or RA itself won’t show it It messes all shaders, most visible in scanlines but also the colors Also disabled RivaTuner before testing

it’s probably something with the display itself is my guess.

It’s really something cryptic, if I go to video/output/screen resolution and change it to 4k (1080p is the TV’s resolution), then, everything looks fine, any other resolution I pick messes RA’s output. After further tests, I decided to reset Nvidia’s control panel settings, which solved the issue entirely and even brought Integer Scaling availability, something that wasn’t there the last time I looked @HyperspaceMadness

It’s bizarre, but it’s solved, V-Sync is ON (without it I get jerky scrolling) and may be helpful if something similar happens to others. Thanks for the help!

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ah, nvidia control panel weirdness. Makes sense. I’m glad you tracked it down!

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I really would like to point which setting caused that, I activated DSR back ON, V-Sync to Fast, Prefer Maximum Performance ON, it’s not causing any issue, so that’s unusual. Sometimes I want to freeze my current PC state so that it will work the way it should forever, as sometimes you just turn on the thing and something is messed up. :ghost:

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Just for the record, vsync is not something the display knows anything about. Vsync is something the video driver does, not the display.

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Note that retroarch (and emulators in general) really prefer if you set vsync to “application controlled” in the nvidia panel. Without that, you can get video stutter, audio stutter, or both.

For applications that need that, I usually create an application profile in the nvidia panel (if there isn’t one already) for the application’s or game’s exe file, and set the vsync setting there.

I’ve tried that both in Nvidia’s panel and RA itself, it didn’t matter if I created a specific RA profile, let the application control the synchronization, forced it to ON, Off, etc.