Viewing images using a shader?

Hi I was wondering if it is possible to view images using a shader?

Either internally using Retroarch (I think there used to be a Media viewer type Core?) Or externally, by using the Shaders that come with Retroarch but in another program?

It would be handy to add a CRT shader to a previously saved screenshot or even with video clips. I really like CRT Hyllian.

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There is a built in image viewer. Just drag and drop an image onto the executable or browse to one and load it as content.

I have a library of resolution accurate images (Some dual screen.) that I use to help develop my Mega Bezel pack.

(Rayman Playstation screenshot and Mega Bezel preset used extensively in my recent documentation projects.)


Thanks :grinning: I got this to work in Windows.

I also tried with the AppImage version of Retroarch in Linux, but couldn’t get it to work. I’m sure it’s possible with some fiddling.

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